Roosvelt Porto is an experienced Atlassian Expert with almost 10 years experience in migrations and implementations of Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management across Server, Data Center and Cloud. A certified ITIL, Scaled Agile Framework Agilist and Scrum Master and Certified Associate in Project Management combined with over 21 years of Active Duty military experience, Roosvelt and BAMFER Consulting are sure to exceed your expectations in consulting.

Roosvelt began his career in the United States Army at the age of 18 immediately upon graduating from high school. While on Active Duty, Roosvelt served in every key leadership and management position across the Army, settling into Operations in the latter part and into his retirement in 2016. During his military service, Roosvelt had the distinct honor of overseeing all operations for one of the military’s largest installations encompassing over 1M square feet and supporting over 37,000 Soldiers, civilians and family members.

After his retirement, Roosvelt began working as an Implementation Specialist at Automatic Data processing (ADP) where he quickly established himself as a leading expert in migrations as a result of his interpersonal communication skills and his inept desire for customer satisfaction, handling ADP’s top clients and serving as the leading specialist for all white glove accounts. Roosvelt then moved on to work at one of the globally leading consulting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), first beginning as a management consultant in the finance and healthcare sector before transitioning and settling into Technology Consulting. While at PwC, Roosvelt set himself apart by establishing the firm’s first internal Project Management Office hub serving the firm’s established clients through the offering of Jira and Confluence Data Center. What began as a pilot, soon grew to support almost 20,000 users and over 200 clients in a managed service offering that garnered the attention of leadership and served to establish itself as a new business unit within the National Accounts vertical for the firm.

Roosvelt’s work did not go unnoticed and he eventually went on to join The Adaptavist Group (“Adaptavist”), where he served as Senior Technical Consultant, Consulting Team Lead and eventually Head of Customer Success, Pre-Sales and Solutions. His attention to detail and desire to ensure customer’s success throughout the journey earned him a reputation as the leading consulting lead and pre-sales champion, opening up the opportunity to establish a new business unit focused primarily on the customer journey and long-term partnerships and relationships. His forward-thinking and strategic initiative alignment allowed Roosvelt to become the fastest growing Atlassian expert within the Atlassian partner ecosystem, leading to new and innovative partnerships with organizations such as Git Lab, Device42, Tempo and many more.

Realizing his potential and the connections made, Roosvelt set out to start his own consulting firm, where he can assist those companies and small businesses that are unable to pay higher prices for the top partners he has worked with and those organizations on a tighter deadline that need expert support at a reasonable price. Roosvelt’s goals remain the same today; do right by the customer, provide nothing short of excellence in all you do and build meaningful relationships and partnerships.

BAMFER Consulting is a veteran-owned and operated organization focused on you, the customer, first and foremost.

Describing Our Main Focus

At BAMFER Consulting LLC, we distinguish ourselves as leaders in the field, not only by our expertise and insights but also through our commitment to providing unbeatable rates and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our value proposition is centered around providing high-quality, budget-friendly business solutions while placing our clients’ satisfaction at the forefront of our operations.

As seasoned professionals in strategic business consulting, we leverage our deep industry knowledge to deliver customized, efficient, and impactful solutions. Our leadership position is reinforced by our dedication to guiding businesses through their unique challenges, helping them innovate, grow, and succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

But our leadership goes beyond providing expert consulting. We understand the value of smart budgeting for businesses. That’s why we offer top-tier consulting services at unbeatable rates. Our competitive pricing doesn’t compromise on quality, instead, it ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our strategic guidance without straining their resources.

Our focus on customer satisfaction is relentless and beyond reproach. We listen, we understand, and we deliver. Each engagement is handled with utmost attention and care, ensuring that our clients’ needs are not just met, but exceeded. We gauge our success on our clients’ satisfaction and their achieved outcomes.

Choose BAMFER Consulting LLC, where premium service, cost-effectiveness, and outstanding customer satisfaction blend to create a consulting experience that truly stands apart. Our promise is to lead your business to new heights while ensuring your journey is cost-efficient and satisfying. Join us, and let’s redefine success together.

Together, these values shape our corporate culture and define our approach to serving our clients. At BAMFER Consulting LLC, LDRSHIP is more than just an acronym; it’s the way we conduct our business, the way we treat our people, and the way we serve our clients. It’s the BAMFER difference.

At BAMFER Consulting LLC, leadership extends beyond our management team. We believe in nurturing leaders at all levels, encouraging every team member to take initiative, inspire others, and contribute innovative ideas. Our leadership inspires a shared vision, driving our collective efforts towards achieving business excellence.

We value open and transparent relationships with our clients, partners, and team members. We maintain clear communication channels and foster an environment of trust and mutual understanding. Our commitment to direct relationships enables us to understand needs better, adapt to challenges, and deliver exceptional service.

Respect at BAMFER Consulting LLC means acknowledging and valuing the diversity, skills, and contributions of all stakeholders. We treat our clients, partners, and employees with the utmost dignity and consideration, fostering an inclusive, empathetic, and positive work environment

Our ethos centers on serving our clients’ best interests. We dedicate our expertise and resources to help them achieve their goals, without focusing solely on recognition or gain. This selfless service ethos underpins our commitment to client success and satisfaction.

We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our engagements. Honor for us means conducting business fairly, keeping our commitments, and earning trust through our actions. Our reputation as an honorable business partner is one of our most valued assets.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do at BAMFER Consulting LLC. We operate honestly, transparently, and responsibly, ensuring consistency between our words and actions. Our clients and partners can rely on us to deliver on our promises and uphold our ethical standards

Professionalism at BAMFER Consulting LLC encompasses our commitment to excellence, accountability, and ethical conduct. We demonstrate our professionalism through our expert service delivery, our respectful interactions with all stakeholders, and our dedication to continuous learning and improvement. Our professionalism is reflected in our work quality and our reputation as a trusted business consultant.